Why Is It Good to Wear FFP Mask

It was only medical and health personnel or people involved in dusty jobs/works that wear masks in the past. However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, mask-wearing is almost the order of the day for every country. You can now see people wear masks almost everywhere, especially in public places.

Though the use of masks may not give complete protection against COVID-19, it’s a good strategy to reduce the spread.  In wearing a mask, it should cover both your nose and mouth. Using the right mask correctly doesn’t only protect you from coronaviruses but from other harmful substances. It protects your airways against bacteria, body droplets, solid particles or dust, and other viruses.

There’re lots of masks made from different materials which people wear for protection against harmful substances and COVID-19. This article focuses on the FFP2 mask and x-ray why it's good to wear it.

What is FFP2 Mask?

Some face masks are given the code FFP according to their abilities to filter the air going inside the body. FFP means ‘Filtering FacePiece.' FFP masks have three classifications; FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. These classifications show their filtration potential as well as protection. As the number increases, their protection capacity also increases. Thus, we can summarize the protection capacities and filter efficiencies of these three classes of FFP masks as below:

type of face mask FFP2
  • FFP1 has a filter efficiency of about 80%. It protects you against huge solute particles.
  • FFP2 has a filter efficiency of about 95%. It protects you against irritating solute and solvent aerosols.
  • FFP3 has a filter efficiency of about 99%. It protects you against toxic solute and solvent aerosols.

Among these three classes of FFP masks, FFP2 masks are the most preferable and widely recommended. Its filter efficiency is great, and the protection capacity is also amazing. Its production is according to the World Health Organization guidelines for protection against coronavirus. Though FFP3 masks have more filtration capacity than FFP2 masks, the former tend to have low breathability after long usage. FFP2 doesn't cause any difficulty in breathing, irrespective of how long you're using it. This feature gives it an added advantage over the FFP3 masks.

Why is it good to wear an FFP2 mask?

We’ve given you some of the great features and filtration efficiency of the FFP2 mask that distinguishes it from the other FFP masks. If you’re still wondering why you should wear it, below are some of such reasons:

  • Protection From A Hazardous Environment

If you work in an environment that produces some hazards, you can develop some health problems that may be life-threatening. The use of FFP2 masks is a sure way to protect yourself from any harmful particles around your work areas.

respirator FFP2
  • Protection Against Coronavirus

Wearing FFP2 masks gives protection to your system from getting infected with coronavirus easily. Some ways of contracting the virus are by touching your mouth or nose with infected hands or from the saliva of others as they speak. You’ll give yourself some levels of protection wearing FFP2 masks.

  • Protection To Others

Do you know you can be a carrier of coronavirus without knowing? Some people who have coronavirus may not show any symptoms of the infection. Wearing FFP2 will help you protect your loved ones and others around you when you are contagious.

  • Help To Flatten The Curve

The entire universe is battling on how to curb the spread of coronavirus and reduce cases of infections and deaths. You can help to flatten the curve by wearing FFP2 masks. If everyone embraces this campaign of wearing masks, it will make our society and the world a healthier place.


You must give your respiratory system adequate protection from harmful particles and microorganisms. You can't control these substances from being in the environment, but you can control them from entering your body. Wear FFP2 masks and get the maximum protection your desire.