How to Use a Mask Correctly?

In the present time, being attentive to one's health is very important. The virus has already caused a lot of deaths, and it still is. Using a mask correctly is one of the best ways to prevent oneself from getting the virus. Additionally, the way a person uses a mask can define its ability to protect a person from the virus. To properly wear a mask, one should:

how to wear a mask FFP2

  • Wash hands or sanitize them before wearing a mask.
  • Check the quality of the mask.
  • Bend the nose clip in a U shape so that it fits the nose.
  • Wear the mask in such a way that the nose clip is located at the centre top.
  • Ensure the mask covers the vital part of the face (mouth, nose, and chin).
  • To prevent contamination, avoid touching the front of the mask.
  • For a single-use mask, throw it away and clean your hands.
  • For masks with replaceable filters, replace the filters frequently.

How Long Should You Wear a Mask?

How long a person should wear a mask depends on the quality of the mask itself. Some masks last longer than others because they have better quality. To know the quality of one's masks, it is best to check the manufacturer's instructions.

A mask with good quality should last around 8 hours. During those 8 hours, the person wearing the mask should be well protected from the virus.

However, if the mask loses its quality or gets wet during those hours, it is best to change it with a new one. A mask with bad quality can hardly protect a person from the virus.

Other Measures

Although masks are very useful to protect oneself from the virus, it is not enough. Masks alone cannot protect a person. There are other measures a person can take to prevent being infected by the virus.

One thing to do regularly to prevent being infected is washing hands regularly. The virus infects people through the mouth, nose, and eyes. The hands are the major body parts that are regularly in contact with a person's mouth, nose, and eyes. By washing hands regularly, a person eliminates the germs on their hands.

Another essential thing to do is to social distance. Some people may be infected by the virus, but they may look healthy. The virus cannot spread itself from a very far distance. The best choice would be to put a distance of at least 6 meters between oneself and other peoples. To avoid getting infected, it is very important to social distance.

The coronavirus is a dangerous disease. It has shifted the way we live, and it has caused the death of a lot of people. It must be taken very seriously. Although there is no real efficient cure to the virus yet, it is possible to avoid getting the virus.

To avoid getting the virus, a person must take all the necessary precautions. One of the most efficient measures to prevent getting the virus is wearing a mask efficiently.